Media management



Editorial systems: K4

Vjoon K4 is one the most sophisticated editorial systems around - perfect for print production, used for many famous publications. It's features, like the ability to fine-tune workflows in the most incredible details, configure access and editing rights for each text block individually if needed, or easily manage multiple publications at once, visually - can boost the output of your collaboration with clients / partners. That is, if you have the know-how to configure the system correctly.


MAM / DAM systems

Broadcast MAM systems are important for working efficiently in teams, depending on the team sizes - but they're still quite different from regular DAM systems. They have user and group access rights management, similar to editorial systems, but additionally most solutions offer features, like automated transcoding, or generally workflow automation, metadata management / search, storage and archiving management. Lately, MAM-systems tend to come as free addons with high-end storage systems; and at the same time, cloud-based systems like are gaining importance.

Regarding DAM-systems, I worked mainly with Celum - which is interesting especially because of its many interfaces to CMS solutions and the rich ecosystem of add-ons, making it very flexible.