macOS deployment

I've used Jamf Pro, FileWave, DeployStudio and AbsoluteManage until now - Jamf Pro seems to be best geared towards DEP-workflows, but is not suited for managing mixed Mac / Win environments. Because of the recent changes regarding the deployment process (Apple pushing the T2-chips and DEP), it looks like macOS deployment processes in perspective are getting more streamlined - so, systems can only be customized to a limited degree, but the resulting workflows might also turn out to be more efficient.


macOS software distribution

System management suites like FileWave or Jamf Pro allow software to be deployed using existing pkgs (for instance with the help of autopkg), create new customized packages / installers, or distribute scripts / configuration profiles / apps directly. The best route depends on the size of the company, the complexity of the requirements and the budget, but generally speaking the distribution of software, configuration profiles, scripts etc. gets even more relevant, as classic imaging workflows are being replaced by DEP.