Application / technology Support



Supporting creative pros

The goal is, to provide an empowering but still reliable working environment for creatives. And depending on projects and infrastructure, a specific balance between either stability, or rapid access to all new features, is needed. Larger environments may need stable systems, running the same version of a software over years on all platforms, for instance because of dependencies between plugins, drivers etc.. Smaller user groups, or certain departments may need a much higher degree of flexibility though, for testing drivers, plugins etc. themselves.

Many years of experience with CC and plugins for editing systems and similar tools both as IT-tech and as designer, are definitely helpful for reaching this.


Adobe / Apple mobile apps

The mobile field has been rapidly changing in the last decade, but recently the speed of change went down and software for the mobile platforms has maturated. I specialize in iOS Support, since the platform is more relevant for most designers - and also because I simply prefer it myself. Especially the mobile counterparts of the Adobe CC Apps are gaining importance, no other company in the design field has such a wide-ranging and qualitatively high-standing portfolio of mobile software. Combined with a sophisticated and mature platform like iOS, and iCloud and CCloud syncing, seamless workflows are within reach - but sometimes high potentials are restricted because of security concerns or incorrect implementation. So especially for bigger agencies, this field is very important (>> MDM).


Audio-visual design field

I know a lot of the tools used in this field and love to work with them - that makes it much easier to support them well. Apart from software, the following aspects are relevant:

- Workstation configurations needed here, are far from common (>> Custom hardware) - not to mention the wide range of DAS / NAS / Flash storage, and unusual networking options.

- Camera, light and sound technology is often connected, adding some complexity to the topic.

- Regarding Broadcast MAM systems: see also Media management.

- Color management / proofing: video reference monitors are different from proofing screens for print to a high extend. HDR workflows and high resolutions provide flexibility for the post production, but capturing the media correctly on-set isn’t always easy. And the higher the quality of the source footage needed, the more time it’s generally going to take, to transport this footage to the post facility - quite relevant for HDR-workflows, since higher color depths is “paid” with higher file sizes / bitrates.

- The long range of video and audio file formats, codecs, connectors, In/Out cards, mixers, recorders…